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Game of Thrones Thoughts: Season 8 Episode 4

Game of Thrones Thoughts: Season 8 Episode 4

Fair Warning: Spoilers for this episode coming after this line

So this episode should honestly have been called The Mad Queen Cometh. Which one is the mad queen? I honestly think both!

Before we get to that though, I find the opening credits fascinating! Winterfell’s broken throne room after the battle, brilliant!

I still don’t think Cersei is pregnant. I think she is playing Jaime and Euron, total manipulation. I am so hoping they find out at the same time and it gets all murdery.

Also, how was Euron not doing the math to figure out how on Earth Tyrion knew about the pregnancy?? We didn’t even get a WTH face from him.

Jaime jumping to kiss Breanne! LOL!!! Love it!!! And Tyrion, after setting them up, making tall jokes!! Fantastic!!!

Also, what the heck is Jaime doing and where is he going? The internet has been fighting about this all week. In my opinion, he is going to try to convince Cersei to be good and give up the fight and when she does not, he will kill her. Still putting money down on him dying also. Maybe they will leave the world the way they came in it, together. How poetic.

And now onto the other big story of the episode:

Pretty sure we just watched the crazy snap into Daenerys’ brain. She has definitely lost it. I mean, she’s pretty much lost everything. She lost Jorah, 2 of her 3 dragon children, Missandei, and the potential for the throne if Jon is found out. She is gonna burn everything and not care. In the preview for the next episode, even Tyrion looks nervous approaching her, he saw the crazy eyes!

When Missandei said “Dracarys”, I cannot be the only one that thought that dragon was just gonna light it up!

Speaking of Jon getting found out, by the way, Sansa is a little sneak and tattle and is definitely playing the game now and I would not be surprised if she ends up on the throne. She definitely learned a lot from Little Finger!

Also, Varys has no loyalties whatsoever and is definitely gonna die. All the treason going on!!

I still think Tyrion’s answer, that Jon and Daenerys should marry, is the best option and what I am still pulling for, but not expecting because why would they make us happy.

Wrapping up the loose ends:

Yay Gendry becoming a lord! and Boooooo Arya turning him down! I mean yea, totally within character for her and made sense, but still sad.

Also, Arya not celebrating the victory and just being like “yea, I killed someone, it’s what I do. Who’s next?”

My prediction for this week (Again, not expecting any of this to be right, but I just enjoy writing them)

Cersei is gonna be all “If I can’t have the Iron Throne, no one can!” and set wildfire to the town, burning the whole town and the castle and throne. I have premise for this save for the level of crazy Cersei is at and how she is definitely going to try to outdo Daenerys’ crazy.

What did you think of the episode this week? Ready for the last two; I know Mike is kinda sad that it will be all over soon.

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