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Game of Thrones Thoughts: Season 8 Episode 5

Game of Thrones Thoughts: Season 8 Episode 5

Only one more episode to go! Wow! I will be jumping around a bit my thought here, there’s a lot to think about. Spoilers to follow!

Openings credits triumph once again! Cannot wait to see what next weeks looks like!!

This episode had me going for a bit. It looks like all is going to end peacefully and you look at the clock and see there is still 50 minutes left of the show and you know somethings about to go down.

Starting at the beginning, Varys laid down the path for Jon, sending letters out from the looks of what he was writing to the other kingdoms and (assumingly) trying to poison Dany. He only cares about what is best for the kingdom, regardless of the cost, which is how he’s been all series. His character stayed true.

Another character that stayed true to form until the end was Euron. Besides all the weird things that had to happen to make that Jaime/Euron fight a reality (Don’t get me started on overall probability), the fight was alright and Euron’s death, while not by fire, was alright.

Outside of everything that was wrong with Jaime and the immediate death of his character arc (Why did he have to go back to her and not kill her??), how the heck did he not die from the wounds inflicted by Euron?! I checked with the two doctors that we were watching the episode with, he definitely had a punctured kidney and probably a lung, he should not have been able to make it to Cersei and then wandering around with her for a bit.

Speaking of Cersei, what did they do to her? She was such a badass villain who was going to fight to the bitter end, and she bit it crying with her brother while her castle came falling on her head. She deserved a better death, that death was to tame and good for her. Very anticlimactic.

I will give Cersei props, however, for making me laugh in some of her last minutes alive. She sees The Hound kill 4 guards and the Mountain kill her hand and she’s like “Clearly you two are busy, I will see myself out” and just walks away!!! Hilarious!

Also, Mountain and Hound fight! Action, cool background scenery, dying in the fire, good payoffs all around. As Mike said though, the Hound should have gone for the head.

Tyrion…why?? Varys, then Jaime. Love and Loyalty will out and look where it’s got you! I really hope you survive Dany’s wrath.

Oh Daenerys. Why did you have to get all personal on King’s Landing? Why did your story arc take such a downward spiral so quickly? I could have been ok with this if the snap to crazy took more than an episode and a half.

What exactly made that final snap happen? Did the ease at which Cersei’s people and arm turn on her show the lack of loyalty to Dany and that made her snap? “They turned on her so quick, will they do the same to me? Let’s not give them the chance and burn it all” as her thought process?

Even though Dany went off the deep end, who is going to fight against her now? She’s got the Dothraki and Unsullied, who will clearly kill and die for her even in crazy mode and I feel like they will not listen to Tyrion or Jon.

Grey Worm and his grieving have no chill. Throwing Missandei’s possessions in the fire, stabbing people willie nillie.

I appreciated the perspective of seeing the terror of the people on the ground, it made the battle have consequences.

Arya. What exactly is going on with her? First she’s all “I’m Arya and I’m going to kill Cersei, get out of my way” to the point that she pushes a child and her mother away from safety to get in the Red Keep. Then the Hound, who could have discussed this with her at any point during the FORTNIGHT they were traveling to King’s Landing, is all “Don’t kill just to kill, look where it got me” and without another thought the fully trained faceless assassin is all “Ok” and starts running around in the rubble. She almost dies about 4 times, tries to redeem herself with that mother and daughter by saving them and when they die anyway and she’s still alive somehow, she finds a magic horse n the middle of the burning city and assumingly is all “Time to kill a queen again” and rides off through the ashes. WHAT?!?!?!

What exactly was the point of brining in the Golden Company for them to die such a wimpy death? I almost forgot that they even had a part in this! They were built up since season 7 for absolutely nothing!

The pace at which everything is destroyed at the beginning of the battle is almost laughable. Why wasn’t the battle like this last episode?? What this to show Dany’s power? Was this battle so much easier seemingly because we are comparing it to the fight against the Night King and that one was so much more complicated and difficult to win?

Some questions I was left with:

Where the heck was Jon again?! We see him being all noble and then he disappears for the rest of the episode!

Does Wildfire have any radiation? Is that why it is green? Is King’s Landing even inhabitable now?

So….Where’s Braun during all this? Feet up, drinking and waiting to see who is alive to give him his present?

What got into the soldiers from the north?! They didn’t even listen to Jon!

How many of her own soldiers did Dany fry?

What did that carnage gain her?

Where is Dany going to rule from now?

What will happen to the last dragon if something happens to Daenerys?

No predictions for next week, who can predict anything anymore?? All I want to see is Jon and Tyrion walking through the rubble separately, then cross each other’s path and stare at each other as if saying “I’ve made a huge mistake”

What were your thoughts on this episode? Are you ready for the last episode of Game of Thrones? Check back next week to see my thoughts and recap of the very last episode and on the overall season.

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