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Game of Thrones Thoughts: Season 8 Episode 3

Game of Thrones Thoughts: Season 8 Episode 3

So it took me a extra day to get this out this week because I saw Endgame and Game of Thrones on Sunday and it was a lot to process. If you have not seen Avengers: Endgame yet, avoid seeing it on the same day as Game of Thrones if you can.

Spoilers for this episode after the line, heads up!

I enjoyed watching the episode, the battle was very exciting, but in the grand scheme of the storylines, I have a lot of questions.

Why was this scary King and his walkers, the ones talked about for 8 seasons and was such a threat, but get taken down so easily???

What was Davos doing the whole battle?

Is Winter over now?

Who is burying all of those bodies?

Did all the bodies come alive in the crypt? And if so, how did more people not die down there?

Why did Melisandre raise Jon from the dead? If his point was not to kill the night king, then what was he being brought back for?

Also, what exactly did Jon do in this battle??

It was difficult to see if he did much on the dragon, as the lighting and snow during those scenes was quite awful. It was very difficult to see what was going on during parts of this episode.

Theon’s death finished his arc, I enjoyed it and he was a bad@$$ til the end.

Though I am confused about the point of Jon now, Arya did a fantastic job and it was a great way for the king to go out, I am just surprised it happened so quickly.

So, I originally had a question about why the Dothraki were out fighting in front of the battle when they did not have weapons of Dragon Glass and that they would have been better suited for the battle with Cersei. That was until yesterday when Mike found a discussion about military tactics and it mentioned that the battle plan seemed to use a common calvary tactic that rushed the opposing army and then quickly retreats. The issue was that the Dothraki did not get the option to retreat, they just got decimated.

What are your thoughts overall on this episode? Did you enjoy the battle part? What is going to happen now?

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