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Game of Thrones Thoughts: Season 8 Episode 2

Game of Thrones Thoughts: Season 8 Episode 2

I’m going to put up a warning for next week’s recap - I will be seeing both Avengers:Endgame and the next episode of Game of Thrones in the same day, so if it takes a couple days to get my recaps out, its because my brain exploded and Mike had to find all the pieces and put it back together.

Spoilers for Episode 2 following this line, you have been warned!

I enjoyed the episode, I enjoy learning about the characters stories, though I honestly expected the general internet to be upset by the lack of action.  It was a bit more set up and playing the waiting game, but I liked how it gave us time with the characters. The calm before the storm, so to speak. This episode was about what people think about and do before they are about to die. It had some touching moments, a couple shocking ones and really gave us some good vibes about the characters we saw before, as everyone seems to think, they all get massacred.

Jaime Lannister’s “Trial” at the beginning started intense, but seeing Breanne stand up for him was a cool touch.  Bran with a slight bit of comedy again, quoting the line at Jaime and Jaime just staring at him not knowing what to do or how to react to him.

Bran forgiving Jaime, in his own way, was a nice scene, but Mike and I both thought it ended a bit oddly, like there was supposed to be more to that conversation.

Breanne being knighted was a great moment! I love how she initially played it off as if it wasn’t a big deal, but her smile and tears after was proof of how important it was to her. So awesome!!

That group by the fire, the loners and few misfits honestly, illustrated well what people do in the calm before the storm. Just sitting, talking, getting to know each other more.  I think it will give them more to fight for in the upcoming battle.

Yay for Arya and Gendry!  That is all I really have to say on that.  She’s a big girl, she can clearly handle herself.  And honestly, that is not a bad way to spend what is possibly your last few hours.

Sansa and Daenerys almost becoming pals was a good scene and I think it will really make Daenerys think about the future and how she will rule the 7 kingdoms and bring a peace.

That is, if it becomes her kingdom.  Right after professing her affection to Sansa about Jon/Not Jon, he goes and tells her what he just learned.  She doesn’t take it great, but the look on his face is pained. I don’t think he wanted to tell her for fear of losing her and I don’t know if he is interested in the throne.  I feel like he sees that as a non-existent problem with the white walkers knocking at their door and the possibility that they all will not survive.

Oh, and by the way….WHITE WALKERS ARE AT THE DOOR!!! Next episode is the Battle of Winterfell!…For Winterfell? Not sure what it is called yet, I keep seeing both names.

Last bit, don’t remember seeing it and I feel like it’s PRETTY FREAKING IMPORTANT, but did Tormund ever mention to Anyone at Winterfell the fact that the King has a ZOMBIE DRAGON?! I feel like their plans may be a bit messed up with that factor and I can’t see anywhere that they planned for it.  Kind of a key point to leave out!

My theories I’ve came up with for this week:

Expanding on Tormund’s role, I wonder if his blue eyes will help him to become a spy for one of the sides. Either he will live and be able to spy on the dead or he will die and the King will use him to spy on the living.

This is not necessarily for this upcoming week, but just something I came up with based on a comment in the first episode.  Theon’s sister went to protect the Iron Islands so they can use them as a base if Winterfell falls as the white walkers cannot go over water. I feel like if they have to fall back to this plan,  it will not work out for them all because of that zombie dragon. My initial theory is that the dragon can freeze water including the ocean and will be able to make an ice bridge for the white walkers to cross and get to the islands. My second theory, in case the dragon is not blowing ice but some kind of fire also, is that he would be used to carry people to the island.  Regardless, the water is no longer a hurdle for the white walkers.

Lastly, Mike and I were discussing who we think is going to die and he made a good point that he thinks people who’s story arc have been finished will go first. Before I list these people out, know that we wish noone to die, but we all know at this point it is an inevitability.

  • Breanne

  • Theon

  • Gendry

  • Sam

  • Podrick

What are your thoughts on the episode? Any theories? Leave your thoughts below!

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