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Game of Thrones Thoughts: Season 8 Episode 1

Game of Thrones Thoughts: Season 8 Episode 1

Hi, My name is Jessica. I was dragged into watching Game of Thrones kicking and screaming the whole way and now I can’t stop talking/reading/watching theories about it.

Now that I’ve got that confession out of the way, let me also mention that I am still learning about all the history and details of Westeros, so if I bring up a point that is obvious to others or has already been answered, forgive and correct me please.

Also, SPOILERS AFTER THIS SENTENCE! You have been warned!

I have been hearing from many people that they were underwhelmed by the episode. First, it was shorter than they thought was promised to them and was not super eventful. Well no, this was the beginning set up for what was to come! Think of the last episode of season 7 - you have the wall people running away from the wall, you have Jon and company traveling, you have Jaime traveling, you have Theon traveling….so many people were moving around! We had to get them in place before anything big happened. Plus, you had to assume before the big battle scenes started that people were going to meet up and Jon had something kinda important to learn about!! Next week looks like they will fulfill the battle needs, so I think all will be well.

This episode also gave us so many beautiful reunions! Jon and Arya, Jon and Bran, Arya and Gendry! Arya and the Hound…I guess….Oh, and my favorite reunion of all: Jaime and Bran!

Oh Goodness watching Bran the entire episode was hilarious!! It was a running gag that never got old! He’s just sitting there, staring at everyone and noone and you would forget that he was there and have a serious interaction between two characters and when one walked away, the other would look around and see Bran just staring at them. I just laughed every time! It honestly took me until after the show to realize his line “I’m waiting for an old friend” meant Jaime. Brilliance!

By the way, what’s with Jaime’s hair?? He was blonde, why is he brown now?? Same thing happened to Tyrion, is the hair color connected to allegiances or something?? Cersei still has light hair, it has even gone kind of red in fact. What is the meaning of this?? Am I missing a book detail somewhere??

And speaking of Cersei, why on earth did she lower herself to be with Captain Snark?! I know she’s crazy, I do, and I am looking forward to (and hoping for) an excellent death on her part, but what is the advantage of having this weird guy around?? I’m hoping for a dragon bonfire out of him at some point.

I can’t tell if the Dragon wants to eat Jon or is looking at him like “I know your secret, ha ha ha”. It will be curious to see how Jon reacts to the news once it has sunk in a bit. I was fascinated by the posts on the internet that showed Ned Starks last words to Jon about talking about his mother next time they were together. The placement of the conversation in the crypt was phenomenal!

Crypts to dead things, we didn’t see much of the white walkers or the king but OMG BOY PINNED TO THE WALL!!!! I do not do jump scares. I was afraid something was going to happen in that scene and so I was hiding behind my hands, as all not so brave adults do, and chose to look just as his eyes opened. Oh the screams that ensued.

And my final comment …”I’ve always had blue eyes!”, love it! I wonder if this will come into play later. Will he become an unknown White Walker, or maybe he cannot be turned because he has blue eyes? Random theories I am just spitting here.

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode? What are you looking most forward to for next week?

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