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Wedding Wednesday: Not-so Perfect Bridal Show

Wedding Wednesday: Not-so Perfect Bridal Show

Here’s a short post like the short Bridal show that I went to this past weekend. What was the big deal about this show???

It was Mike’s first official step into wedding planning!! Now that we know where we are moving to and what his job looks like and he finished one of his last major projects for his residency, he is ready to help!

The show was here in Wilmington, NC and cost the same amount as the show I went to in Philadelphia. The issue? It was much smaller. And I mean MUCH smaller! We walked in and there were 24 booths. One booth had food as soon as you walked in, which was nice, and there were a couple booths for dresses, even more booths for men’s attire and then some miscellaneous booths that ranged everything from entertainment groups to realtors.

We walked around for about 25 minutes (5 minutes of which was running into a friend and his fiance) and stopped at a couple booths, but by that point we have seen everything and there wasn’t much else for us to do. There was supposed to be a fashion show, but there were no seats or really any places to wait, so we ended up just leaving. As I write this, I realize that I didn’t even take any pictures because we were there for such a short time.

So why did I go to a bridal show in a town I am not getting married in? Mostly for the ideas that may have come from it and so that Mike could get his toe wet into this wedding business.

Not a total waste of an afternoon though as Mike and I spent a couple hours relaxing and walking around downtown discussing our plans.

What did I learn from this adventure?

That not all bridal shows are worth your time and that Mike and I have a lot of work to do!

I did get a nice magazine to look through out of the event and some delicious mac and cheese, so that’s something.

Probably not going to hit another bridal show until this summer when there are some out in Tennessee.

Have you ever been to a bridal show that was not so awesome? What makes a bridal show worth it for you? Anything I should be looking out for in the future? Leave me some comments and let me know!

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