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Holiday Movie Associations

Holiday Movie Associations

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This morning, Mike and I were prepping for the holiday, which includes some Guinness and a meal involving potatoes. We also had to pull out our copy of our St. Patrick’s Day movie, Boondock Saints. This brought up a conversation on the different “Holiday Movies” that we watch and I thought I would share them with you.

Groundhog Day - Groundhog Day - I feel like this one is pretty obvious and is done my many people.

St. Patrick’s Day - Boondock Saints - This super violent cult classic was a favorite of mine before I had even met Mike, but it turns out it is also one of Mike’s favorite movies, so we watch this every St. Patrick’s Day.

Lent/Easter - Jesus of Nazareth - This is a family tradition on my end. When I was little, my father and I would watch this movie in pieces throughout Lent and discuss the life of Jesus. It was a fond memory for me and this television movie series is one of the best portrayals of the Lord’s life.

Halloween - It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - Mike and I quote the line “I got a rock” so often! The Peanuts is just classic and we love their holiday movies.

Guy Fawkes Day - V for Vendetta - “Remember, Remember, the 5th of November”, This is probably be the oldest holiday movie Mike and I have watched together. Such an interesting movie.

Thanksgiving - The Last Waltz - This is a particular one that Mike has brought into the household. This is a taped concert by The Band and they happen to say “Happy Thanksgiving” in it, so he associated it with the holiday and the last few years we’ve had it on while prepping dinner.

Thanksgiving - White Christmas - Yes, I know some would think this is too early, but this was a tradition started by Mike’s mom and I in the last two years. We watch the Thanksgiving Parade (Philadelphia’s specifically as that is streamed and it is the one I grew up with) and as soon as Santa arrives in the parade, it is time for Christmas to begin! White Christmas is a movie that we both love because, obviously, it is super “Boffo”!

Christmas Eve - Muppet Christmas Carol - “After all, there’s only one more sleep ‘til Christmas!”….Yes, several of our movies are watched on certain days specifically because of one line. Plus, this movie is absolutely a treasure!

Christmas Day - A Christmas Story - This is a recent addition to my list, Mike and his family has been watching it for years since it plays non stop all day on a couple channels.

I added links to all the movies so you can check them out, a lot are on Amazon Prime, I’d love to know your thoughts on our choices!

Are there any other movies that we should add to our holiday list? What are your favorite movies on different holidays?

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