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Review: Captain Marvel

Review: Captain Marvel

I’ve been a fan of the Marvel movie series for a few years now.  Iron Man was my first movie when it first came out 10 years ago, then I fell off the bandwagon until about Guardians of the Galaxy and was on for good at Doctor Strange.  I was all caught up on the movies, Mike and I watched them all before we went to see Black Panther, and now we are all caught up again after seeing Captain Marvel last night.

I will keep this fairly spoiler free at the beginning and will set a warning before I do mention spoilers.

My very first impression: THAT LOGO!!! The redo of the Marvel logo as a tribute to Stan Lee was beautiful and I am pretty sure was aimed to bring us all to tears before the movie even started.  They got pretty darn close too.  I really do hope they continue with that logo at least for the next couple movies.  His cameo in this movie also made me smile and was a fitting tribute as one of his (potentially) last cameos.  My assumption is he will have one in Endgame and possibly Spiderman: Far From Home, but those may be his last ones.  I would love to see them continue to cameo him in some form, such as a poster or on the cover of a comic book, just something subtle to look for in each movie. Or maybe the got him on a soundstage one day before he passed and filmed him doing a bunch of one-liners to fit him into movies for the next 10 years, which is my secret hope.  I have a similar hope with John Ratzenberger and Pixar.

My next thought is about the cat, Goose.  By now, most of the internet knows he is not an ordinary cat, but what exactly is his role in the future? How long will he live?  Will we see him in other movies?

What did I think about Captain Marvel herself? I thought she was fun, but rather naive. She needs to reign in her emotions before she takes over for Captain America, if that is what is going to happen.  Hopefully her 24ish years “abroad” has helped with that.  She also seems SUPER overpowered.  Is that how she is in the comic books? She seems like the Superman of Marvel, which makes sense with her name and all.

***The following may have a hint of spoiler: You have been warned! Scroll to the next bold type to see the end of the post***

 Some security guard in front of Blockbuster, huh? She asks him where she can take things and he just points to the store he is supposed to be guarding like “yep, go rob it, I’m not gonna do anything”.

The random questions: Was her memory scrambled by the Kree on purpose or dis it happen from the accident? How does that jacket not burn up in the atmosphere?  At the end, is she now able to breathe in space? Her best friend is on Earth and she just flies away, assumingly not coming back until Endgame??  As Cinemasins says, Convenient Home Finding mission is convenient. Explains why she doesn’t show up in ANY of the Avenger movies. Speaking of Avengers,  if Fury is starting the idea for the Avengers in 1995, what is he doing for the 13 years before he meets Iron Man?  Is that where Black Widow and Hawkeye come in? And Speaking of 1995, Internet Cafe??? Did that really exist then? Why wasn’t she just in a library or something?  Super good villain twist by the way,  I would not buy it until it was proved near the very end. Super expectation subversion.

When did Shield start becoming Hydra? 

I want a movie of how Mar-Vell convinced the US Airforce to build the stuff she wanted to build and how she found the tesseract!  

***Spoilers Over***

Overall, I enjoyed the movie.  It was nice to see Nick Fury more and learn more about his personality. I also thought the CGI was done on him very well, I was not taken out of the movie at all by it.  The end credit scene was a fantastic lead up to Endgame next month.

Also, ENDGAME next Month!!! Yes!!! So excited!!

What were your thoughts on the movie? Let me know in the comments! 


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