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Wedding Wednesday: "No Disney Wedding?"

Wedding Wednesday: "No Disney Wedding?"

I thought I would take my post this week to address a question I have been getting rather frequently:

“You love Disney, aren’t you going to get married at Disney?”

No. No we are not.

Not because of the price. I’ve looked at the prices before and honestly you can have a wedding at Disney for a relatively average price. For us, it would be even cheaper because we are planning on having a church ceremony, so we would only have to pay Disney for a reception.

My biggest reason would be the lack of choices. The way a Disney wedding works, you pick the collection you want your wedding designed in, which comes at a “Minimum Expenditure” and you have to choose from the elements offered in that collection to meet that minimum. While there are more choices than there used to be when I looked years ago and it seems more customizable, they overall seem rather similar and it makes me wonder how much more expensive the unique looking ones are.

I am a creative and simple person. I don’t want anything too flashy or bejeweled and I want things the way I want them. I do not want to be limited to a few choices on our special day.

Another reason that I don’t want a Disney wedding are the choices in venue. Most of the venues for the size wedding we are planning are ballrooms or outside venues, which I would avoid with the hard-to-predict weather patterns of Florida. If you take those out, I have 4 choices; the Norway Loft, the American Adventure Rotunda and a couple restaurants. With these venues, as some of them are connected to attractions, there will not be a whole lot of decoration options, which is again limiting.

My final reason is the overall hecticness of it. Yes, I know weddings are hectic, but when you have a local venue, you are the only person there, you may even have the venue for the whole day or even for the day before and can take your time setting things up and making it your own. At Disney, there are several weddings happening in a day and you do not get any extra time in any space you pay for, unless it is a hotel room.

I sat in the Grand Floridian lobby one day for a few hours and saw no less than 4 brides walking through. Did those brides see each other? Most likely not, Disney has that stuff down to a science. They work hard to make sure those brides feel like the only ones they have that day. Knowing the inner workings of a company I worked at for a couple years, I will know that I am not and, with my inner Cast member kicking in, will feel pressure to make sure I do not step on anyone else’s day, taking the focus away from Mike and I.

Will this mean that Disney will not be a part of our wedding? Definitely not. Mike and I love the movie Up and I definitely plan on having a few elements from that in the wedding. I’ve also seen some cute ways of placing Hidden Mickeys throughout the decorations, so I think I may incorporate some of that.

Did you have a Disney Wedding? What was your experience? If not, did you have any Disney elements?

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