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2319 Day: Monsters Inc Review

2319 Day: Monsters Inc Review

So I sat today and watched Monsters Inc and wrote some notes down as I watched:

Scream is the only source of power, even their cars, so its a pretty eco-friendly city

Scarers are like celebrities, I wonder if they have trading cards…

How is scream measured? Is it a gas?

Does the CDA just wait outside active scare floors? Their arrival time is ridiculously quick.

Why do they think children are poisonous? Did one walk through one time with measles or something and so they just said all were contaminated? You would think there were scientists or something that tested that kind of stuff.

Gross Coffee.

They have to be at the restaurant in 5 minutes?! Is it next to the factory??

Sulley tries to flush everything down the drain from Boo’s room…man if that worked, I feel bad for the people who run the sewers.

How does Celia get her hair cut?


Boo bouncing excitedly in his bed is adorable.

She draws really good for her age.

Thank goodness Boo is potty trained…..

Do they usually have musicals at work?

Why does Celia have the Cones of Shame on?

Sulley’s faces when Boo is being “Crushed” are amazing and devastating

“How many kids do you have in there?!”

Sulley just loves her!

There is a step at the end of ramp, how did he roll the canisters in?

Shouldn’t these students have learned in the school? Why are they learning how to scare at work?


How did the Loch Ness get from the arctic to the Loch?

I want a story about the Abominable and how he got banished. He seems to nice to do anything wrong.

Why doesn’t Mike care about the little girl yet??

The music, it’s just incredible and adds so much to the scene

The sledding part of the Gameboy video game was the worst!!

The detail of the lights fading as the lamp goes out when Sulley crashes….incredible

Mike got there so quick! Did he build a sled also??

“I know kid, he’s too sensitive”

The detail of the door warehouse is incredible and should have been a ride!

Falling sideways into the French room, fantastic!

Go Roz!

Tears….just all the tears…..

I wonder what monster jail is like….

So there is science! They figured out laugher is 10 times more powerful than scream, what else do they do?

Did the CDA end up going out of business?

I really enjoy this movie. It is heartwarming and teaches you to care more about others and what is right. There is an interesting twist to the movie villain. Randall doesn’t seem very deep in this movie, but I think that is why they made the prequel.

Today is 2319 Day (2/3/19) here in the US, but other countries who write their dates by Day/Month/Year will be celebrating next month. Make sure you check out my post then to find out my ideas for Monsters Inc in the theme parks and why I think Disney is CRAZY not to do it!

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