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Wedding Wednesday: To Cake or Not to Cake

Wedding Wednesday: To Cake or Not to Cake

OK, be honest, how many times have you sat down to enjoy the cake at a wedding? Do you remember the cake outside of the cutting? Do you even remember that?

Mike says he always eats the cake, but I am usually too busy dancing. Of all the weddings, I think I’ve maybe had 2 pieces of cake. Couldn’t tell you how they were or even what flavor.

There are so many options for desserts at wedding nowadays that it has made me second guess the idea of having a huge cake. We are traditional enough that I still want to have some kind of cake to do the cake cutting with, but I feel like my guests may get more out of having small desserts as opposed to pieces of cake.

Some of the options I have found include:

Dessert Bars - Having small bites of cookies, brownies, cupcakes and other desserts out for guests to choose from. This bar idea would be good if you have several guests with food allergies, they can have options of nut free/gluten free desserts instead of just having to settle for cake.

Candy Bars - Similar to the dessert bar idea, but including lots of candies instead of pastries. This allows people to bag up their desserts and take it with them.

S’mores Bars - Having an outdoor area at your wedding? Then you can have a fire pit set up and the fixings needed for S’mores!

Plated Dessert - I am assuming this is something that could be done, but I have not seen an example of this yet. I am thinking creme brulees or baked alaska, something interesting like that. Let me know if you have ever seen this done.

Mike’s solution for people not eating cake is that they just don’t have ice cream to go with it, so we should have some kind of ice cream.

Regardless, there seem to be tons of options to choose from for wedding desserts, we just need to find what fits our wedding the best.

What are your thoughts on wedding dessert? Do you have a preference of dessert? Any cakes you’ve had that have stood out? Let me know in the comments below!

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