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Wedding Wednesday: "What do you mean it's not all planned out?!"

Wedding Wednesday: "What do you mean it's not all planned out?!"

Tomorrow will be one month that Mike and I have been engaged. That month has flown by too since there was a holiday in the middle of it….a holiday with lots of family that wanted to know all the wedding details…details that we just don’t have!

I knew the question “Do you have a date yet?” would be asked. Some couples talk about it in advance and actually do have that figured out right after. Some people may even know the city it is going to be held in by then.

Unfortunately, that is not us. December is a busy time of year to start planning anything, not to mention getting hit with my day job closing right after the engagement. Even if it didn’t happen in December, we have a big move coming in the next 6 months and we don’t even know where we are moving to yet!

Regardless of our situation, I knew I would disappoint people with that answer. What I did not expect was the onslaught of other questions that I had no answers to!

“Do you know what season it will be in?”

“Do you have your colors?”

“Do you have a style of dress in mind?”

“What are your thoughts on… (insert anything from flowers to type of location to decorations)?”

We had so many questions that I actually heard Mike say “I didn’t realize I was supposed to have everything figured out before I got down on one knee.” We actually had a running joke going on with one of the families that we were getting married on February 29th…that is until we figured out that 2020 is a leap year….and that the 29th is on a Saturday…

So before anyone asks, No, we are not getting married in February on the 29th.

I was very happy that everyone was so excited about our engagement and wanted to know all the details and I am glad to hear all the advice people want to give me; but the upcoming move and Mike’s job search just take priority right now as they are just around the corner. Plus, the answers to those questions may give us the answers to our wedding plans. Only time will tell.

Now, just because we don’t have a date doesn’t mean I haven’t started planning anything at all. I mean…I do have a Pinterest board with lots of pins….and I mean lots….but more on that next week.

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