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A Girl and her Video Games

A Girl and her Video Games

I did not think I was what you would consider a huge gamer. When I was little, my dad had a Nintendo where I would sit and watch him play Super Mario Brothers and, when Mom wasn’t watching, Hogan’s Alley. When I got a little older, we had a Sega Saturn with crazy games like Clockwork Knight and Bug. Around the same time, I had a Gameboy Color with random games like Star Wars Podracing (with rumble cartridge) and Paperboy.

That was about it until I won a Playstation 2 from a radio contest! It was also our first DVD player, so between DVDs and playing games like Spyro (Ah, the good old days of backwards compatibility), Dark Cloud, Kingdom Hearts and Sly Cooper, we burned out that system so quickly that my parents actually got us a second one. I still have that system and love pulling out those games and playing them.


Our last family system was the Nintendo Wii, which was such a unique system that our whole family was back into wanting to play video games. Personally was a big fan of the Wii Sports and the Epic Mickey, but also enjoyed the ability to purchase the old games on the system, like Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (Not sure how I ever knew about this game as I didn’t have a system that played it, but I just remember it being one of my favorite Zelda games from my childhood).

Fast forward to today - I personally still have the Playstation 2 and the Wii, going strong, but my household has changed and Mike is quite the video gamer! He has a heavy Nintendo past, including N64 and Wii, but also Sega Genesis. He was one of the people who purchased the Switch on the first day and between the both of us, that has been getting quite a lot of wear.

On the Switch, I have been enjoying Mario and Rabbids, Stardew Valley, Dragon Quest Builders and Splatoon 2. I played and beat Super Mario Odyssey, one of the best games I have ever played, and have recently been introduced to my very first Pokemon game in Let’s Go Pikachu, which Mike has memorized from his time playing similar games as a kid and is enjoying my struggles.

It was after typing this that I realized that I may, in fact, but a bit of a gamer.

I had recently been thinking about my gaming type and came up with these points:

  • Open world, but with set goals (So yes to Mario, even the new Zelda style, but not really Skyrim)

  • Strategy

  • No baddies jumping out at me (Tried to play Breath of the Wild, making some food, minding my own business, then a ROCK attacks me!!! Nope, not about that)

I’ve been thinking about taking some time in the evenings to tackle old and new video games, maybe even reviewing them here. Thought this look into my video game history would be a good start.

What are some of your favorite video games? I would love suggestions!

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