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December: WHAT A MONTH!

December: WHAT A MONTH!

So wow, this month just flew by, like most of the year 2018 to be honest. I guess that’s what happens when you are practically on vacation for a whole month…travel out of the country…celebrate a major holiday…lose your job….visit all over the east coast….and, oh yea…GET ENGAGED!


December started with the end of Mike’s long work schedule and the beginning of our vacation! We drove down to Fort Lauderdale to hop aboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas for a glorious 5 night cruise! We stopped at Key West and Cozumel and had two relaxing days at sea - all of which I will go over in detail in future posts.


We get back from our cruise on Saturday, December 8th and drive to our favorite city, St. Augustine, FL. Mike had booked us a 3 night stay at a lovely bed and breakfast in walking distance of the heart of the historic district. Little did I know that this was all planned out months in advance as he was planning his proposal! Our last full night in St. Augustine, before our Christmas trolley ride, Mike asked me to marry him and it was the most magical moment of my life!! (And that is saying a lot - I mean, I worked at Walt Disney World, the home of magic!) Details of our St. Augustine adventures and a separate post of our engagement will be coming in the near future as well as a new blog segment - Wedding Wednesdays!

My new fiance and I got back from all of the excitement of our week and a half adventure to a bit of a bummer. The company where I had worked for the past year and a half had taken a huge hit when Hurricane Florence decided to call Wilmington, NC its beach home and could just not go the distance any longer. They had to shut down our office and I was left without a job. Quite the downer to come home to when you are about to start planning the largest and most expensive party of your life.

I was not going to let this get to me during the holiday season though! Christmas was just around the corner along with a trip to see family!


After being home for only a week, we were off once again; making the drive to our home state of Delaware for fun and family! We traversed the tri-state area, feasted on the seven fishes and spent much enjoyed time with family. With the large families that we both have, Christmas time is spread pretty thin to make sure we see as many of them as we can.

Our family adventures at an end, we finally landed back home and celebrated a quiet Christmas, just the two of us. The last couple days have been getting into the new swing of things; deciding what to do about my work situation, beginning packing for our upcoming move and starting the wedding planning.

While this month, much like this year, has been quite the roller coaster of emotions, I would not trade a second of it for anything in the world! It was a wonderful month that will live in our memories forever and opens up a whole new world of adventures for us!

I hope your December and your 2018 was a grand year and I wish you all the luck, happiness and, of course, adventures in 2019!


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